How To Market Your Product Or Service On Facebook

How to market your product or service on facebook

One of the questions that I’m frequently asked by people is how do I effectively market my product on Facebook.  There are many people who spend countless hours spamming groups in hopes that someone will see their message, yet are having zero results.  Let me be blunt and honest.  If you are in a room…

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5 Ways To Increase Engagement on Google Plus

Five Ways to increase engagement on Google Plus

You might have spent plenty of time talking about your business on Facebook, but now you are getting started with building your presence on Google+.  Are you now wondering how to increase your engagement on Google+? 1.  Choose Images That Stand Out Google+ is a highly visual environment, where images will dramatically increase the exposure…

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Why Dollar Shave Club Gets Social Media Marketing

Dollar Shave Club Feature Photo

Customer service is one of the most important things in the world. It’s something that many brands understand, and then many more that don’t.  Thankfully Dollar Shave Club understands the power of social media, especially after this past week. I like many people shave their head, for me its mainly because I like the way…

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5 FREE Graphic Tools To Create Social Media Visuals


Do you love sharing quotes with your connections on social media?  Sharing ideas visually is a great way to increase the exposure of your message to a wider audience.  If using Photoshop or hiring a graphic designer to create your visuals is not an option there are several FREE tools available to help you create…

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Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs

Goal setting for entreprneurs

As entrepreneurs, setting goals is one of the most important things that any one of us can do to grow our businesses.  Yet, it is something that people don’t take the time to do.  Goal setting must go beyond simply establishing what you want to accomplish in business, but they must encompass what you want…

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