Why Do People Fail in Network Marketing?

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Honestly I don’t know of anyone who woke up one morning and decided that today would be a good day to fail in network marketing.  But the reality is that over 80% of the people who become involved in network marketing fail.  Now some would think that it is a terrible number and people should stay clear of the industry, but did you know that with regular businesses 80% of them fail too?  Network Marketing is a business just like any other out there, and in order to succeed at it you must look at it as a business.  In order to succeed in any business venture you must absolutely have a plan that you will follow in order to increase your chances of not becoming part of the 80% of fail.

How To Not Fail in Network Marketing

For starters treat it like a business.  If you are treating it like a hobby, then the results you receive will be a hobby.  What is almost as important is you have to do something that you are passionate about.  There will be many people who tell you that it doesn’t matter, but it truly does.  If you are not passionate about becoming a distributor to sell weight loss products, don’t do it!  At the end of the day you are building a sales organization in any multilevel marketing company, and you have to treat it as such.  Too many people want to recruit anyone with a pulse into their business, but that is the last thing you want to do.  If you owned a store in town, would you interview every person that was interested in working in your store?  Hopefully the answer would be yes, but the reality is hardly anyone in network marketing does this which is why people fail in network marketing so often.

success in network marketing | fail in network marketing | network marketing success | mlm success | marketing success | personal development | personal growth | ByronIngraham.comIs it possible to Not Fail in Network Marketing?

Yes it is possible to not fail at network marketing just like in any business but you have to have several things in your favor.  One is you must choose the right company to align yourself with, which will make a difference in your success or failure in the industry.  If you are going to become involved with a company that requires you to build a large downline, you will have to grow into becoming a leader through personal development.  In order to not fail in network marketing you have to become the person that others are willing to follow, which will be someone greater than you are today.   One way to not fail in network marketing or any business is to not try in the first place.  So decide what you want to accomplish in your life and go for it.  If you fail at something, try again.  Thomas Edison did not get the light bulb right on the first attempt, and in all likelihood when it comes to growing your own business, you probably will end up trying several times before getting it right.  The key is to take a chance and not be afraid of failing, as some of the best successes come after we have failed.

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